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Tiny Acorns Woodland Sanctuary Project

For only £2 you can buy a Tiny Acorn - not much I grant you, but read on...

First we collect Acorns from the forest floor in ancient Oak oak forest view 1 smallForests and Woodlands across South West England and Wales. We also collect seeds and nuts for planting from other native British species like Ash, Beech, Birch, Chestnuts, Hazel, Holly and Rowan.

Then we plant and nurture the seeds in a tree nursery until they are grown into healthy saplings, ready to be planted out either back in the countryside or in one of the Tiny Acorns Woodland Sanctuaries.

By working together our tiny acorns will grow into mighty forests... it just may take a few hundred years to complete the project and see the results in their full glory!

In the meantime we preserve and protect... our Tiny Acorn Woodland Sanctuaries are used as a refuge for wildlife and a retreat for tired souls in need of refreshment and renewal. Contact us for information on Woodland Sanctuary activities and access.

The profits from EurekaCollective activities and enterprises and ALL OF THE MONEY FROM YOUR TINY ACORN PURCHASE, WOODLAND WISH OR DONATION go to secure, preserve and protect British Woodland. We sustainably manage small parcels of land where we can plant and protect the young Oak and other Native trees as they establish and grow into a network of pocket woodlands across the UK.

 Contribute by buying a Tiny Acorn, a Woodland Wish or simply making a Donation to the Tiny Acorns Woodland Sanctuary Project on our Shop Page. 

Thank you

I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees -